Research Groups

The University of Waikato is home a number of Research Institutes, Centres, Units and Groups carrying out activities in a wide range of fields. The University also have a range of specialist facilities that were established to support university teach and research, but which are also available for external contract work.

Our researchers are interested in engaging in project collaborations, research contracts and industry partnerships to progress local innovations and technologies.

Learn more about some of the research groups currently undertaking commercial projects with the assistance of WaikatoLink.


Chronoptics™ Group

The Chronoptics™ Group have many years of expertise in the time-of-flight range imaging space, where their specialty is to create novel algorithms and designs for improving current commercial range camera technologies.

DCF 1.0

Power Electronics Group

Focusing on improving the efficiency of power supplies and finding solutions to power quality issues.

Coarse Range Image Registration

An automated technique for coarse alignment of two or more 3D point clouds, which eliminates the need for manual image processing.

Got an Idea?

WaikatoLink's primary role is to commercialise research ideas and technologies generated at the University of Waikato