About Us

WaikatoLink Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The University of Waikato, was incorporated as a company in 1993 and became fully operational in 2002. As a commercialisation office, WaikatoLink plays a key role in developing and growing New Zealand’s innovation system by transforming early-stage research and technologies into valuable products and services.

Our core role involves working closely with innovators, businesses and industry to form partnerships that will progress new ideas and technologies to maximise economic benefits to New Zealand. Since our establishment, we have created a number of business units and partnerships that have strengthened our local innovation ecosystem.

We have also established 12 innovative spin-out companies across multiple industries and developed strategic business units to enhance our commercialisation processes as indicated in the diagram below.

Coarse Range Image Registration

An automated technique for coarse alignment of two or more 3D point clouds, which eliminates the need for manual image processing.

Got an Idea?

WaikatoLink's primary role is to commercialise research ideas and technologies generated at the University of Waikato